Friday, February 20, 2009

Why we choose Arwen

There is no possible way you can like Eowyn over Arwen, if you believe in being a stay-at-home wife. In some opinions, they like Eowyn because they say she is the stronger lady. Well, what does strong really mean? It means having a great power. If you would open your eyes you would find that it was Arwen, who WAS indeed afraid of death, gave up her life for the one she loved, for it was God's will. If that is not strong, I don't know what is.

But in most opinions....

Eowyn, is the stronger lady. For she killed the Witch King(not really. Merry did). But in The Two Towers, Eowyn tells Aragorn that she does not fear death or pain. How come going to war is brave if you don't even fear it???

I asked my older brother who he would marry if he had the choice. He said "Arwen." I asked him why he would choose Arwen when everybody else says that Eowyn is indeed the braver one. He told me that he wanted someone who was willing to wait for him.

Think again now, who was really the strongest lady.


Always Hope said...

Yes, I agree. Eowyn never really killed the Witch King, without Merry, she would be dead. And in the EE Lord of the Rings, she almost died from Craig Parker's character. And I agree with MEL, Eowyn did know about Arwen.

EchoOfMercy said...

Amen, English Rose. You tell those Eowyn fans. Why anyone would choose Eowyn over Arwen is out of my hands.

English Rose said...

Always Hope,

I'm glad I know someone else who agrees with me that Eowyn truly did not kill the Witch King. I also agree with MEL.


I have no idea why people would choose Eowyn at all lol. Except Hilary Clinton.

~Ithilwen~ said...

Wow, that was good, English Rose! I LOVE your blog! You can look at mine if you wish... I follow yours : )

From where the Willows weep

P.S. I like Arwen better anyhow!

Bria said...

I totally agree!
Eowyn was a feminist and a prostitue. Arwen had a feminine strength about her. Where as Eowyn wanted to physically show how she was as good as a man.

Merriette said...

First off, I am not saying that Eowyn was stronger than Arwen. I'd just like to say that /in the movie/ I prefer Eowyn to Arwen. Why? Because Arwen is impure and unfeminine. Eowyn, on the other hand, while being a foolish human (realize that Arwen has had 3,000 more years to mature and conquer her sinful tendencies) is feminine and renounces her unfemininity at the end. If you honestly step back and look at where Arwen and Eowyn are coming from, there is no comparison. Arwen has lived for approx. three thousand years either in her father's home, or in her grandmother's home. She has had all that time to grow and mature under the loving and wise tutelage of her father and grandmother. Eowyn has had to deal with both her parent's dying, and then caring for her uncle (whom she loved as a father) and watch him be eaten away by Saramon's poison, the same poison which affects her daily by being in it's presence. In her culture she is taught that as a Rohan princess (if I may call her that) she should protect her people by fighting for them. (And what she said, "Those who do not wield a sword can still die by them," is very true) Given these things, I pity rather than scorn Eowyn, and believe she should rather be praised for coming out as well as she did, a loving, pure woman. Certainly she was wrong to disobey her uncle and go with the army, I am not excusing that, but does one mistake make someone rotten to the core? Have you never disobeyed your authorities? Have you been in that situation, with someone poisoning your mind for years, making life seem worse than death? As for her attraction for Aragorn, I don't see how that's a problem. He is a ruler, a warrior, handsome (to most people), and, most importantly, he is kind and considerate of her. Is there any surprise then that Eowyn, who is starved for love, should desire his? And she is completely appropriate about it (I and my sister are /very/ particular so if she wasn't, we would notice). And at the end, when she marries Faramir, she renounces what feminism she has and is fully content and happy to become merely Faramir's wife. I shan't go into all the reasons why I dislike Arwen in the movie, but those are the reasons I do not dislike Eowyn. I think the biggest thing for me is, Arwen is over a thousand years old, Eowyn is less than thirty, there should be a difference here, and we should have much higher expectations for Arwen than Eowyn.

bookflutterby said...

Ahh...great post. Especially since I'm a tad of a Lord of the Rings nut. ;) My DH had never watched the movies *gasp!* so of course we had a Lord of the Rings-a-thon. I think I annoyed him just a tad because he finally asked "Can you quote the movie BACKWARDS?" Hee hee! I agree with the post, but I still like Eowyn, however, I think both women were not portrayed in so much a Biblical light in the movies, as PJ explained. ;) I'm so glad they didn't give Arwen a more prominent role- did you know they actually wanted to put her as a part of the Fellowship?? *shudders*

Moriah said...

I love this post! You hit it right on the ball!!!! Arwen is stronger, more pure, and like your brother said she waited!

English Rose said...

Dear Merriette,
(very sorry this reply is so late)

First off, I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way. But in my honest opinion, there is no way you could say that Arwen was impure or unfeminine. And to tell you the truth, your comment was very confusing.

First you said that there was no way that we could compare the two of them, and then you acted as if Eowyn was so much better. Well, if Arwen is impure or unfeminine, then how is it unfair to compare them as characters?

Yes, Eowyn had to deal with her uncle, but look at Eomer! Eomer knew that MEN were meant to go to war, and NOT women. So, it was not the culture of Rohan for women to fight, it was simply in Eowyn's heart that she felt that she must prove to everyone that she had the ability to do anything that a man could do.

A "loving, 'pure' woman"? Everytime I read the books, all I can feel is her bitterness toward everyone. And 2nd, I do not believe that Eowyn was pure.

I do not scorn her just because she goes out to war. Everyone makes mistakes, and we learn from them. But I do not believe that Eowyn repented from this sin.

Her "love" for Aragorn. No, there is absolutly no excuse for her actions toward him. I am sorry, but you & your sister missed a great deal. She was certainly NOT appropriate, and again, there is no exuse the go after a man's heart that belong's to another.

I'm very glad that you did not go into reasons for not liking Arwen, otherwise Tolkien would flip in his grave.:)

"While Arwen was pure in the heart, Eowyn did not know a woman's part"

In Christ,

English Rose

King's Daughter said...

^^Yeah, I agree with everything you said, English Rose:)

Elránia said...

I totally agree. I'm a huge Arwen fan :)